Scott Borchardt Design


Kudos from past collaborations

Scott is the best visual product designer
I’ve worked with at Yahoo.
— Naroo Krishnan, Product Director
Scott took Huddle from vagueness to something that’s got some magic.
— Paul Yiu, VP of Product Management at Yahoo
In terms of UX and visual skills,
Scott is a master at his craft.
— Anand Almal, Director, UED
Scott has been one of my favorite design partners, for his visual style, work ethic, great personality, and constant desire to improve.
— Tim Su, Dir, Mobile Dev Eng
I appreciate working with him because his creative design skill and attention to detail.
— Hoa Song Mobile Dev Eng
His design has created a minimal, beautiful app that still strikes out as different while still feeling like a part of the Yahoo ecosystem, which is no easy feat.
— Amy Jie, APM


(The above image is a s'more from Dandelion Chocolates. Serious yum.)