People have an insatiable appetite for celebrities. They move you. they are audacious, outrageous, contagious. They get under your skin and you can't help but react.


  • Challenges
    • Content seemed stale
    • All celeb profiles were exactly the same
    • Content was poorly displayed or not used  
    • Existing design had trouble with images quality, image orientation, cropping, text placement, performance  
    • Image sources 
      • Random image from image results, could not hand pick 
      • Requirements in the contracts, could not use more then one
      • Varying viewpoints within the team, use fresh vs canonical  
      • Attribution
    • Image orientation and cropping
      • Designs planned for ideal 
    • working on all screen sizes
    • Text over image 
  • Solutions
    • Celebrities are have the best content, and they it's changing all the time. subjects therePlanning fo
    • Design a system that was not only module but that highlights the dynamics content first that spoke directly to the avid fans
    • Curate images for the top 100 celebs
    • Design that works for all image orienations
    • Stop using text over image
  • Prototype


celeb 00 before comparison with google.JPG
Celeb Content Block Diagram

Celeb Content Block Diagram

Planning for varying degrees of rich content and events. 

celeb 01 direct name.png
celeb 02 news tweets timeline.png
celeb 03 all.png
celeb 04 musician.png
scott work 10 politicians.png