Answers Now

Yahoo Answers Now is a complete reset of Yahoo Answers, built for getting helpful answers.

This is the second part of the Hive Story

To aid the growth of the budding Hive app, we leveraged Yahoo's network and became Yahoo Answers which sees 80 million unique users a month (as of Dec 2016). We chose to go with a fresh start, therefore we amended the name to reflect the app was something familiar, but different. "Yahoo Answers Now" was born. Below are some of the features we used to generate growth and some insights behind the design. 



Behind the design

Helpful Compose

By allowing users to upload their photos or add links directly from the web we improved the quality of answers which are core the experience. 

me and profile page.png

Social profiles

When others can view your profile they quickly get a sense of who you are. Adding the ability to ask, follow, share, and more creates deeper ties in the community. 

Connection to content

We watched as soon a user found questions they cared about, they were hooked. This prompted us to require users to pick 3 categories during onboarding, to easily add and edit categories, and to make categories visible on top of the screen.

yan logo breakdown.png

App logo

The identity had some simple ideas. The Q of Q&A is suggested in the speech bubble shape. The A shared angles and  common radiuses added to the geometric harmony. 

Updated palette

Color in our app is used with great care. Overall, the UI is white, black and red (aka Mango) where red is used only for primary actions.  

Type refinement

I cleaned up and reduced our typography set down to four sizes.

yan card spacing.png

Card spacing

Some times a picture is worth a thousand words. This one helped to visualize the padding system for questions, answers, and comments.

Testing Permutations

A Factorial Analysis Study was conducted to find the combination that users felt was most trustworthy. 

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