Answers Now

Yahoo Answers Now is a complete rebuild of Yahoo Answers, built upon countless pivots based on what we learned from our users.


This is the second part of the Hive Story




Hive would solve its growth issues by becoming Yahoo Answers Now, however, Yahoo Answers was riddled with issues. What can be done about poor content and the rampant trolling? In terms of the UI, Hive was built as in isolation and would need significant overhaul to become a Yahoo Product.



Introducing a native app would earn us more users and get the attention we sought for. Hive had learned a lot in the social Q&A space and this would be the ideal time to make changes and invite users to try something new. We left behind ten years of data, best answers, the point system, the leaderboard... all of which contributed to a poor experience.




Behind the design

yan logo breakdown.png

App logo

Thoughts around the product identity:
• A solid filled shape follows Yahoo system  
• The Q of Q&A is suggested in the bubble shape
• Shared angles for geometric harmony
• Consistent radius for end points

Updated palette

Color in our app is used with great care. Overall, the UI is white, black and red (aka Mango) where red is used only for primary actions.  

Type refinement

As we were iterating at lightening speed, design files and CSS get bloated with old type styles. I collaborated with my Devs and with Yahoo brand police to refine the type four styles. 

yan card spacing.png

Card spacing

Even as great as Zeplin is for specs, it's helpful to use diagrams to see the invisible parts of the UI. When I shared this with Devs they breathed sigh of relief. 

Helpful Compose

By allowing users to upload their photos or add links directly from the web we improved the quality of answers which are core the experience. 

me and profile page.png

Social profiles

When others can view your profile they quickly get a sense of who you are. Adding the ability to ask, follow, share, and more creates deeper ties in the community. 

Connection to content

Users said that it wasn’t for them, but as soon as they saw questions they liked they said they liked it.
• Onboarding pick at least 3 cats
• Cat and Sub-Cat carousels on top of home screen
• Adding the ability to Add/Edit your categories
• General cleanup, ordering, emoji

Testing Permutations

I assisted the Research team in a Factorial Analysis Study where we tested three variables and found the combination that users responded to best.  

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