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Answers Now

Yahoo Answers Now is a complete rebuild of Yahoo Answers, built upon countless pivots based on what we learned from our users. 



  • This is the second part of the Hive Story
  • In short, our challenge was we needed users
  • Hive had explored hyperlocal sharing, at events, virtual events, in small groups, in communities, micro-sharing, long-sharing, sharing in advice sharing, with anonymity, and varying degrees of pseudo-anonymity, and we hadn’t found the secret sauce to attract users 



  • Since Hive needed users it made a lot of sense to take on the Answers name 
    • Easy user acquisition, 80M MAU
    • Brand awareness would help
    • Answers is a Yahoo brand with positive brand association
  • Bye topical anon discussions, Hello to Q&A
  • We used categories from Answers
  • Clean the slate. (We left behind 10 years of: data, best answers, the point system, the leaderboard... even usernames.
  • New Answer Compose (Differentiator) 
  • A more social me page
  • New logo and updated palette
  • We will differentiate by being
    • more casual and less intimidating than Quora
    • more personal that YikYak
    • short-format and social
discover the unsearchable by getting quick answers and advice
that regular web search just can’t solve.


New app logo was done in haste, but not without some thought around it. 

  • The speech bubble shape subtle suggestion of the Q 
  • Shared angles for geometric harmony
  • Consistent points
Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 12.11.58 AM.png
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