I roll up my sleeves to optimize for the highest quality interaction between a user and a brand.


About Me

I designs products that are easy and enjoyable to use. Early on in school I switched from engineering, somewhat to my parents dismay. However, my logic mind can still be seen in my everyday attention to detail and thoughtful approach and my creative side is allowed to run wild with my passion to communicate to large audiences with type and image.  To this day, I combine intuition and data to optimize for users whatever the screen or platform. I've had the opportunity to collaborate on great teams with Sapient, Frog, Sequence, and Yahoo.

Currently, I lead the UI/UX design for three projects on Yahoo Index. I thrive in a dynamic and streamlined-Agile environment for both iOS and Android mobile apps. Originally exploring a direction in “contextual search”, I tested ideas in the UX lab every other week, pivoting countless times to eventually arrive at a reimagined Yahoo Answers Now.

I can be seen around SF on a bike, enjoying good food and wine, or being silly with my family. Most likely, a combination of all three.  

(The above image is the epic 360° view from Bernal Hill.)